Food Scarcity

The southern regions of the African continent is largely covered with desert; however, there are still areas of fertile soil! And yet, Africa is starving. The countries with the best natural resources are the worst at self-supporting. How is that possible?

Soil Imbalance

The use of incorrect agricultural techniques depletes the soil. The once rich soil has become increasingly out of balance due to, for example: the incorrect use of fertilizer and/or the felling of trees. Natural biodiversity is disappearing. Farmer yields have been decreasing and harvests have been insufficient for years now.

The Hunger Problem
Africa is hungry and less able to feed itself. People no longer want to be farmers because there it doesn’t guarantee food or an income. The growing hunger problem has major consequences for the future generation: children cannot concentrate at school which inhibits the chances of a higher education. It has been scientifically proven that brain damage is the result of prolonged hunger.

Did you know that…

the first thousand days of a person's life are crucial for brain development?

chronic hunger limits the proper functioning of the brain?


a bad start for a child have lifelong consequences?


The downward spiral of soil depletion, poor harvests, hunger and a lack of financial resources has a major impact on daily life and the future; insufficient harvest means insufficient money. As a result, children may not be able to go to school. The impact of hunger on daily life also manifests itself in the making of poor choices. All these factors make it increasingly difficult to break the vicious circle. 

The Tide Must Be Turned

On The Path To A Hopeful Future

Tree of Life has a heart for the poor, just like Jesus did. In order to break the downward spiral of poverty, together with local partners, we provide agricultural training. Every day counts!

We come alongside people living in poverty by helping them towards self-sufficiency. A phrase often used in this context: “Give a man a fish and he can eat for a day. Teach him to fish and he can eat for the rest of his life.” We go even one step further: “Teach him to make fishing nets and train others to do the same, so that they can eat together for the rest of their lives.

What Is Tree Of Life Doing about Food Scarcity?

  • We provide agricultural training to help people on their way to a self-sufficient existence;
  • We facilitate local leaders who want to break the cycle of poverty;
  • We provide training in financial management, family relationships and living by faith in Jesus Christ;
  • We provide help so that underprivileged children can go to school;
  • We participate in village development.

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