Community Impact

 “Give a man a fish and he will eat for one day; teach him how to train others how to catch fish and they will eat for life.”

How We Work

In our approach, we focus first on what is needed most. If someone is hungry, we feed them first, and then we will look together at the cause: why is there hunger? Thereafter, we work together on a solution.

Projects always start in collaboration with local partners: people who have shown reliability and have a vision to improve the situation.

Did you know that…

farmers who have low harvests, are also cut off from other utilities - and therefore no perspective for the future. But... this can also be different?


the continuous cycle of hunger can be broken by training farmers?


the principles of sustainable agriculture have a biblical foundation?


After the worst hunger has been satisfied, there is room to think about the future: income, expenditure, saving, investing.

We give courses to families on how to organize their financial household according to Biblical guidelines. Anyone who is interested can participate!


Good family relationships are very important. Children from a healthy family can develop better. If the father and mother live in harmony with each other, they can both flourish and utilize their talents.


Tree of Life provides agricultural training so that farmers can enjoy doing their work with clear guidelines, better harvests, restored condition of the soil, and growth in biodiversity in the fields.


Faith in Jesus Christ is the foundation from which we work. We want to show the love of Christ to everyone who is open to it. The training centers often also have a church on site.


We are involved in (mobile) health centers within various projects: from birth care to preventive treatment. Here too, we want to contribute to a healthy future for the next generation through good education.

What does Tree of Life do in order to have an impact in the community?

  • In consultation with local partners, we finance food distribution as a temporary solution;

  • As a partner of local visionaries, we help to draw up a plan to get out of poverty;

  • We share in teaching agriculture, finance, faith and health courses;

  • We finance micro credits to increase self-reliance;

  • We invest in education.

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