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Sander Joziasse

I am married and a father of three sons. I first came into contact with development work when I was visiting Uganda for a short trip in 2005. I experienced the difference in possibilities and opportunities that we have in the western world, compared to many others. And vice versa difference in gratitude and joy that people can have despite all kinds of circumstances.


Steven Abbink

I love connecting people and possibilities as well as being socially involved and aiming to strengthen another. Based on the conviction that through the power of God much more is possible than we ask or realize. This is evident to them in the work of Charity Hands by way of projects that offer people opportunities and make them self-sufficient. People become aware of their capabilities and responsibilities, which also contributes to the improvement of the local situation. A fantastic work in which the love of God becomes visible in, for and through people!


Sybren Stelpstra

The commission of Christ to proclaim His salvation in this world is of great importance to me. I have long since established that in my own country context, the preaching of this is counterproductive. You can propagate it, but it also always needs practical implementation. Letting the light shine to Matt 5:16, by seeing the good deeds, among other things, people will pay tribute to our Father in heaven. This is clearly present in Charity Hands, where the self-motivation of people being helped is paramount. The combination of working from the faith, offering help aimed at self-reliance were the arguments for me to serve Charity Hands with my administrative experience.


Bianca Prins – van Mourik

I am grateful to be able to work for Charity Hands. I have been moved by the Word of God to sow His love in people’s hearts and I have seen what God has already done through the foundation: in faith helping people out of poverty into a hopeful, self-sufficient future.

For example, in Acts 20:35 Jesus says it is better to give than to receive. I can also share this joyfully and gladly with others because I have been involved in the work of the foundation and I can testify to this truth. I have in recent years, become very closely involved with the project in Malawi together with my husband and daughters aged 15 and 17.

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