100 jobs in Malawi

Creating Expertise and Jobs to Fight Poverty

The training farm in Malawi currently has 69 employees. As a result, these families are helped out of poverty through receiving a fixed income. These employees are happy that they themselves can earn a fair income!


Will You Help to Go From 69 to 100 Jobs? smile

Giving a job to someone in Malawi means that you also have to offer vocational training. In Malawi, children can go to primary school for free, but the quality of education and facilities are deplorable.

For example, a diploma does not mean that children can read and write with comprehension. The same applies to vocational training; many turn out to be incapable of doing what they have been trained to do in practice.


Training With Perspective
The training center offers on-the-job training and jobs for local people; for example: farmers, shepherds, nurserymen, carpenters, construction workers, mechanics, drivers and guards are at work on the farm. In social and missionary work, among others, trainers, teachers, pastors, translators, children and youth workers, football coaches, cooks and janitors are active.

Thus, the center is the region’s largest private employer with a permanent staff of 69 men and women and peaks up to 110 people during farming months.


Future Plans
The Tree of Life training center wants to grow to 100 permanent employees by 2022 in order that they might receive extra income. Some of these employees receive employment through projects that generate income. This mainly occurs through crop cultivation.

Various projects such relating to: meat production, the production and sale of natural medicines, essential oils and the drying of fruit will be added to the project list this year.

100 Jobs Project – Expected Impact and Results


100 families will receive a stable income which will lead to food security for at least 500 people

The training center will grow due to the investment into the laborer’s and can reach more people with its training and development programs


The income is spent locally and has a positive effect on the local economy


New jobs create hope and future prospects for the local population

Do you want to build with us?

We can provide an annual salary and training for just €750 per year!

Would your company or church like to take on a staff member? As a private individual, you can sponsor a job and/or training for € 31 or € 62 per month. 

This is also possible for a year but with a periodic gift, you can offer the best support. This is a gift in which you donate the same amount for a five year period. This is then fully deductible from your profit or your income tax. To do this, send an email to info@treeoflife.international for more information.