Joined Forces for a Great Collaboration and a Greater Impact

Harvests have been disappointing in recent years due to various circumstances. The low yields meant that some went hungry. It is important to take action because hunger has a major impact on the development of children.

Collaboration with Compassion

Through Tree of Life’s local contacts, a connection was formed between Compassion and Foundations for Farming. Compassion Kenya wants to focus – in addition to care and education for children – on the total picture, so that the families where the children live can provide for themselves.

This coincides with Tree of Life’s vision: to connect people in poverty in order to help them on their way to a hopeful future.

Agricultural Training

Up until the beginning of 2020, Compassion were giving parents/carers maize and fertilizer to sow, but the years of disappointing harvests were still causing problems. The Foundations for Farming training was therefore called upon.

Parents and carers were invited for a three-day training in sustainable agriculture. The reactions were very positive! The feedback given by the trainees were that it was very valuable: understandable theory, good explanation and immediately applicable in practice.


The dream is to build a training center in Homabay, which will give the opportunity to train more farmers. The center would also be a base where trainers could be trained and who would then spread their knowledge elsewhere in Kenya. A small testing ground has now been set up in Nairobi to be able to offer training courses.

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