Sustainable and Subsistence Farming

In Cameroon, a large part of the population is dependent on the yield of their own field. Every year, many families struggle with low yields and high debts.

Trainers Trained

Despite the COVID-19 measures, 12 trainers were trained last year

Construction Work

The total training center consists of no less than 750 m2!


The goal is to provide 24 animals as microcredits next year

Laying Foundations

The Tree of Life training center in Bamenda was established to train farmers so they can lay the foundation for better harvests.

We show young people that being a farmer is one of the best professions in the world! Young people often associate the profession with poverty, because it is hard work with little return. The Tree of Life training center provides agricultural training and as a result, young farmers learn about the sustainable and affordable farming methods of Foundations for Farming.

In addition, the training center facilitates a “Train the Trainer” program. There are a number of demonstration gardens at the training center where the principles that have been learned can be applied immediately!

Cameroon Facts


Since 2016, Cameroon has experienced military conflict, strikes and a national economic crisis

Steven and Truus' organic self-sufficient farm has been around since 2003

Other projects are financed with the profits from the farm

As of 2021, the center will focus extra on farming families who have fled the violence of war

Train The Trainer

During the training, farmers are encouraged not to keep the acquired knowledge to themselves, but to share it with the people in their own villages. And that’s just the beginning… you can also become a trainer if that’s something that interests you! The future trainers are prepared during the course of a six-month training course.

A trained trainer has a big impact in several ways. For example, some trainers can continue to work at the training center, where they can train many farmers. Or they can go out back to their own villages to introduce this sustainable way of farming.







Since 2003 Steven and Truus Babila are working to build an organic, selfsustaining farm. Steven and his team run the project with a lot of zeal! In total they oversee nine employees.

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