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The app has already been downloaded in more than 43 countries

Farmers in the Picture

We now follow more than 5000 farmers in real time

Tree of Life App

As a foundation, we really want to know and measure the impact of our work. We want to see and monitor how many farmers have come out of hunger and how they are taking the next steps to become self-sufficient.

The Tree of Life app comes into play with our ‘core business’, which is to provide agricultural training to poor farming families. They are coached by a trainer.

The trainer keeps track of the farmer’s data:
– how big is his family?
– how much land is available for planting?
– what crop should the farmer grow?
– what is the yield after x-period?

Based on this data, adjustments can be made to increase biodiversity on the land – and thus also an increase in harvest!

Digital Handbook
The app is the trainer’s digital handbook. It helps trainers prepare and deliver their trainings. The app (links to Google Play store to download) consists of three sections with theoretical background on biblical principles for agriculture, finance and self-sufficiency.

New Version released in 2022
In October the new release went live. This release includes: advice on which crops have the best chance of success in growing. This crop advice is based on BIG DATA and geolocation.

User Manual
We have a User manual app 2.1 available in English. Spanish and Portguese will follow soon!

A number of developers in Ghana worked hard to build the app. Will you make a financial contribution towards the last hurdles in fully funding the app and make the app known to the trainers and farmers who will use it? Donate via the form and select the option for the Tree of Life App. Thank you!

 If you want to contribute by bank from outside of the country, please use these financial details:

Bank Account: NL80 RABO 0129 8284 59
BIC/Swift code: RABONL2U
In the name of: Stichting Tree of Life in Ede