Creating jobs and work on healing of body, soul and spirit

In Zambia, there are not many jobs available. Also, there is no help for people suffering from trauma’s. We’d like to do something about this!

Changing lives

For many people in Zambia it is a challenge to earn enough money for a living. At the end of every month there is no guarantee if there still is food on the table. The “Elyada Center” of Tree of Life wants to do something about this. The Center consists of a Farm and a Center for counseling for mental and emotional problems.

The farm offers people a job. By this, food security comes within reach. The center focuses on Zambian people who deal with trauma’s, suffering, loss or addiction.

Project Zambia

The farm creates opportunities for employment

Revenue from the Farm is invested in the Center

If people deal well with trauma's, they are better capable to take care of themselves and other people

Elyada Farm

The farm works on a sustainable agricultural basis. There are chickens and sheep and the farm also grows lettuce and sells eggs. The lettuce is specially grown for restaurants in the nearby city. Elyada Farm wants to provide employment for people living in the area. Through personal development training, people are challenged to take better care of themselves, their families and the community around them.

The missionaries say about this: “The approach is aimed at binding CO2 from the atmosphere into the soil. This makes the soil more climate-resistant since it retains much more water. Elyada Farm wants to inspire others and therefore, when financially justified, prefers the labor of men above machines.”

Elyada Center

In The Netherlands health care for emotional problems is within reach. In Zambia it is very different. The demand is high, but there is no professional help offered. Elyada Center had the knowledge and wants to build bridges between people who need help and (health care) organizations who want to help people.

The Center helps professionals, like therapists and councellors  to do their work in a way that is effective and sustainable on the long term. The Center also offers counselling with the help of horses! All revenue from the Farm goes to building the Elyada Center.



  • To support councelors and therapists with their demanding and emotionally challenging jobs. Elyara Center organizes network events, training days, intervision and debrief conversations. There is also an option for people to book a retreat the the center, if wished with councelling sessions with/without the use of councelling horses.
  • In 2023 and 2024 Elyada Center creates and coaches councelors who are sent out to local projects, ministries, ophanages and safe houses.
  • In the upcoming years Elyada Center wants to work togheter with other organizations to make therapy (financially) avaiable for all the people in Kabwe who are emotionally in need.


Jan and Rozemarijn van Vuuren live and work in Zambia. Since 2018 they live in Kabwe. On their website they write: “We had a challenging time getting used to livingin Africa, but now we enjoy working and living here. Okay, it isn’t always easy. But where else do you want to be – when you are in the midst of what God asks you to do?” Read more about their vision at their website.

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