Microcredits in Cameroon

We provide micro-credits for poor families in Cameroon. A typical example of a microcredit is a sewing machine, a goat or a pig.

We provide microcredits of around €30,- this ensures that they can then be repaid easily.

Piglets as Microcredit
The training center in Bamenda has a pigsty with the possibility to raise piglets. In mid-2021, interested parties received training on this.

The piglets are issued as microcredit to support poor families. The aim is to increase the pig population so that it remains profitable in the long term.

Families that receive a piglet can fatten it and sell it or they can start breeding piglets. If they receive one pig, they return two piglets – in a successful breeding program. The training center then gives the two piglets back to other families.

The goal for 2022 is to give 100 families a piglet as a microcredit.

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