It Starts with the Farmer

Food Shortage

The southern regions of the African continent is largely covered with desert; however, there are still areas of fertile soil! And yet, Africa is starving. The countries with the best natural resources are the worst at self-supporting. How is that possible?

Plan of Action

We work towards food security by coming alongside the local population who are in poverty. How do we do this? Read more about our plan of action.

Sustainable Agricultural Training

We believe that farming according to Biblical principles is what helps farmers get out of the downward spiral they are in. It’s the first step towards coexistence.

From Farmer to Trainer

Successfully trained farmers get the chance to become trainers. This generates even more impact!

Impact in the Community

When the poverty spiral has been broken and the country has recovered, the next step can be taken:

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for one day; teach him how to fish and he will eat for life.”

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