From Farmer to Trainer

“Hey, why do you suddenly have such a big harvest?”
“Would you like me to show you?”

Invest Locally

Every farmer who receives training is strongly encouraged to share the knowledge that he or she has gained with others in his or her own village. After receiving at the center, the farmers go home, where they apply the principles of Foundations for Farming in their own fields. Neighbours and other interested parties can then see the difference. Where possible, we offer bi-weekly coaching in the villages themselves.

The trained farmers can refer the villagers to the training center to be trained as well. But not everyone has the opportunity to set aside time and money to be trained, let alone the opportunity to leave the family for a time period to participate in a training course. That is why Tree of Life thinks it is important to train local trainers.

Did you know that…


The training centers that train farmers, train trainers as well?


We use existing facilities for the training. Do these not exist? Then we help set them up.


The Tree of Life app registers harvests in real time?!

Training Local Ambassadors

We train local ambassadors who can demonstrate the agricultural principles in their own villages. They teach their neighbours, famililies and acquaintances to also farm according to God’s principles. The trained farmer becomes a trainer himself! 

Content Training

It takes 6 months to become a full-time trainer or they can also work at a training center for a season. After that time, the trainers are ready to start teaching themselves. The trainers-to-be learn about presentation skills, teaching, IT, theoretical backgrounds and more. There are several demonstration gardens on the grounds of the training center where the prospective trainers can immediately put all the theory they are learning into practice.

The three pillars of the training are: transferring the basic principles of agriculture, managing finances, and working towards self-reliance.


A farmer who is a trainer has the opportunity to reach a lot of people per year! When a trainer returns to his village and shows what he has learned, it can have an impact on many families. It is fantastic to see local people taking matters into their own hands to work towards a life without hunger.

Afrikaanse boer met Tree of Life App


The trainer registers the progress and harvest yields of the farmers who have been trained by him or her into the Tree of Life app. This enables us to watch what is happening on another continent in real time! We are thrilled that this technology can function in this way, so that distance no longer plays a vital role in the collaboration.

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Faith, family & finance

Communities are greatly impacted as food security draws closer because space to organize life according to the Biblical ideal becomes apparent and possible. Consider the topics of faith, family, and finances. 

Do you want to know what the next step is? This step impact not only the farmer but also the entire community in a positive way.

What does Tree of Life do to facilitate training for trainers?

  • We facilitate the implementation of local partners;

  • We facilitate vision in local leaders;

  • We contribute towards the training costs of the poorest of the poor.

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