Finished projects



  • Provided Foundations for Farming training for 29.000 farmers
  • Building health care facility

“An important key to breaking the cycle of poverty is the pursuit and promotion of good health. When a woman is healthy, she has enough energy to work in the fields and the family reaps the benefits. When the mother blooms, her children are better fed and better educated.”

This was one of the main goals why we helped building the medical clinic. In Angola many women have trouble with delivering their babies due to lack of good care. Unfortunately they die or stay ill for a long time. The medical clinic aims to prevent and help women with surgeries if needed.

Farming, Finance, Family & Faith

The ‘4 F’s’ are important pillars for what Tree of Life’s does:

Farming: agricultural training which impacts food supplies, and the income of farming families.

Finance: when the worst of the hunger has been alleviated; financial planning needs to take place.

Family: healthy family values are the basis of a stable existence.

Faith: all training we provide is based on the Christian faith. The progress of a community is not only in behavioural one, but also requires a mindset change.

‘Give a man a fish and he will eat for one day; train him to train others how to catch fish and they will eat for life’

This statement shows why we believe in sustainable projects. Tree of Life comes alongside to fight poverty. We focus primarily on the farmers, as they have the greatest need and are also the essential building blocks for food supply and prosperity.

The aim is for projects to become independent within the foreseeable future and for new projects to emerge from those projects. In this way, many farmers learn what it means to farm sustainably and to pass on this knowledge – so that others can also improve their lives. 

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