Agricultural training in an extremely dry area

In the northern area of Ghana the climate is very dry and the absence of water is a challenge. Tree of Life trains farmers in these difficult conditions.

Impacting lives

Local missionaries Dorien and Gaspar train farmers in the principles of Foundations for Farming. In April 2023, they started training six motivated farmers. In the future, the couple hopes to set up a training center that offers employment to local people.


Succesfully harvesting

The northern area of Ghana is very dry and it is a huge challenge for farmers to plant, sow, maintain and harvest. The Foundations for Farming methodology is aimed at successfully harvesting grains in all circumstances.

The aim is to get as many farmers as possible to become acquanted with this method, so that they can apply it at their own field – using a targeted plan of action. Then these farmers can pass on what they have learned. The training center can serve as a hub for knowledge and a place for agroforestry demonstration fields.


Dorien and Gaspar left the Netherlands for Ghana last November. Gaspar is from Ghana and the family has a heart for the local population: “We want to start an agricultural and educational ministry. We want to build relationships and live out our faith by working side by side with Ghanaian farmers and being a mentor to higher education students.”

In addition, Dorien is the new manager of the Tree of Life app. She works with Ghanaian developers to optimize the app.

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