Healthy family values are of great importance for a self-reliant future.
The family is the cornerstone of society!

The cornerstone

Good family relationships are very important. Children from a healthy family can develop better. If the father and mother live in harmony with each other, they can both blossom and utilize their talents.

Unfortunately, the reality is unruly and there are many broken families: fathers who disappear, mothers who have to work and take care of the children, children who never see the parents and have to take care of their brothers or sisters from an early age.

Malnutrition remains a major challenge, as it can have major consequences on a child’s development. Think, for example, of brain damage due to a lack of nutrients. Tree of Life wants to break the tide and give every child and every family the opportunity to build a healthy foundation.

Tree of Life missionaries walk together with local families and lead a healthy role model. There are various programs from the local church to work on recovery and deepening, in the relationship with God and with each other.

Tree of Life facilitates, among other things…

  • Mother and baby programs, where children and mothers learn to play together
  • Children’s and youth clubs
  • Women’s clubs
  • Coaching and training for fathers
  • Health training on nutrition, clean water and sanitation
  • Setting up a medicinal garden
  • Building a medical clinic

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