Kids’ Club

This is where children come together to dance, sing, exercise, gain skills and learn about Jesus. We invest in these beautiful children with the intention of building a generation without poverty.

Every Child is Loved
A morning at the kids’ club aims to make the kids feel loved and heard. The teachers (Emanuel and James) teach the children about God’s love by telling them Bible stories. They gather on the soccer field to sing songs and play games when they’ve wrapped up the teaching. 

Bible in Motion
Bible education follows. Emanuel and James quickly notice that the children are get easily distracted. They are simply not used to sitting still and listening, but they’ve come up with something to hold their attention! After telling the Bible story, the practical application follows. The story comes to life through a play and that’s when everyone attentively sits still and listens! 

A Vegetable Garden for Every Child
We use the Let’s Go! method. This is a biblical teaching method that fits in with the agricultural society in which the children live. The kids are challenged to start a vegetable garden – under supervision. Most children only know maize porridge, but we also aim to education by way of also to introducing the children to different fruits and vegetables so that they will grow up healthy and strong!

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