Training Center in Malawi: The Warm Heart of Africa

This multifunctional training center enables people to rise out of poverty and work towards a hopeful future. The center offers employment, education for children, and various training opportunities!


At least 12,000 inhabitants inhabit the villages surrounding the training center

School Materials

941 children have received school textbooks

Agricultural Training

The goal is to train as many as 50 young people in the principles of sustainable agriculture in 2022

A Center for Everyone

Malawi is one of the least developed countries in the world. Despite abject poverty, hunger and adversity, the people are good-natured and resilient. Malawi has one of the youngest and fastest growing populations in Africa. No less than 46% of the inhabitants are under 14 years of age.

On the one hand this poses a challenge, but on the other, there are also opportunities to reshape this poverty-stricken country. This is the reason why the training center has something for everyone: children can go to school on the site, farmers who receive training, and local people who come to work at the center.

About Mitongwe Malawi

Malawians are 80% dependent on the yield of their own land and forest

We offer training in agriculture, family, finance, health and faith

The demonstration garden on site enables participants to put the lessons into practice

The training center offers employment: either immediately or a learn-work trajectory





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Village Development

Our objective is to offer the people who live in the area (about 21 villages with 12,000 inhabitants) a chance to rise out of poverty in a sustainable way. Tree of Life has been involved with its partner, ‘Stand as One’ since 2019. A training center for village development is being built on the site.

What do we do?

The training center offers:

  • a place where regular meetings can be held for trainers and students to foster relationship growth and stewardship and also offer training in sustainable agriculture;
  • a demonstration garden: trainees not only see the effect of applying the farming principles but they also get on-the-job training. This practical approach ties in with the way of learning in Malawian culture;
  • a church community: a spiritual home for believers and staff members;
  • a guest house: accommodation for volunteers, interns and guests.


Deon & Sarah are a South African couple who run the training center. Deon, Sarah and their daughters Ivannah & Jemma have been living in Malawi since 2016. They lead a team of more than 70 people on a daily basis.

In addition, Deon & Sarah run a 350 hectare farm, of which 200 hectares is forest. They grow corn, soybeans, fruit and nut trees on the farm. A herd of 200 sheep and 60 cattle also graze here.

Deon and Sarah have restored quite a number of buildings, roads, waterways and fields to good condition and they also train the local villagers in Foundations for Farming.


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