Kees and Willemijn have been involved in Thailand for more than 40 years.

Kees and Willemijn are missionaries who have been working in Thailand since 1978 at the invitation of the Thai church, the CCT (Church of Christ in Thailand). Kees leads in various churches in the Wiang Pa Pao region every Sunday. They have undertaken and supported numerous activities throughout all these years.

Visiting Prisoners
Three times a month, Kees and Willemijn go to different prisons in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. They’ve also been able to lead many people to the Lord and baptize many of them! They try to connect the prisoners with local Christians when they are released.

Meals With a Message
Kees and Willemijn provide a meal for the sick every Wednesday, followed by a meeting near their home in Chiang Mai where there is a foundation for cancer research.

Kees and Willemijn have worked for the Marburger Mission since the beginning of their time in Thailand. They have been retired since August 2014. This means that the donations for their wonderful missionary work can no longer flow through the Marburger Mission. They have asked us whether this can continue through Tree of Life, so that the donations remain tax deductible. Donations go exclusively to the project work for the prisoners and the people who have cancer.

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