In Africa, 80% of the people depend on the yield of their land. If the harvest is  unsuccessful or failing, this immediately has major consequences.

Tree of Life offers farmers the opportunity to learn a sustainable and cost-effective way of farming. It is an agricultural method that is good for the earth and significantly improves harvests.

How Does It Work?

To work towards food security, Tree of Life trains farmers in Foundations For Farming (FFF). The training teaches farmers to farm in a biblical way. The gospel is woven into agricultural training by four firm basic principles that apply to all areas of life: on time, with quality, without waste, and with pleasure.

Faithfully applied these principles provide a foundation for positive character building, stewardship, self-sufficiency, and profitable ventures. Farmers who faithfully apply these principles can become trainers.

More Than Maize

Building on FFF, people can also be trained in growing other crops, such as legumes and fruits. In addition, keeping animals such as chickens, goats, pigs and fish is important for a good existence and for a positive influence on village life, with opportunities for sustainable self-reliance.

In addition to theory, all agricultural training courses are also very practical at the same time: in the demonstration garden, what has been learned can be immediately put into practice!

Read more about our action plan to work together with the farmer on a hopeful future.

Good stewardship

Just as important for a sustainable, self-sufficient future is taking good care of the ecosystem in and around the farms and training centers. Tree of Life wants to protect the forums and fauna entrusted to us.

All agricultural training makes farmers aware of issues such as erosion and loss of biodiversity and how they affect field yields. It is necessary to understand that agriculture can deplete the soil if people don’t take proper care of it. All training courses offer natural, sustainable and cheaper solutions!

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