Teaching Materials for Every Class

The provision of teaching materials for each and every class so that teachers are better able to provide higher quality education.

Tree of Life wants to provide every class at Mitongwe Primary School with textbooks and teaching materials. This will enable children to pay closer attention to what is being taught. It will also help teachers to teach at a higher standard and be more efficient.

Only one of the seven classrooms has local furniture for the children to sit and work on. Three classes have no classrooms and are taught outside in the shade of a tree or under a thatched roof, and the children sit on the floor. A number of classes have to do without a blackboard.

Our survey shows that there is often one textbook available per subject for the entire class. Tree of Life, through the generosity of donations has been able to sponsor one textbook per every two children for each subject. We are now looking to sponsor an office chair unit and a blackboard for each class for the upper grade classes. 

Expected Benefits and Results
The provision of one textbook per student in a classroom increases literacy scores by 5-20 percent (Michaelowa and Wechtler (2006). Sitting on a chair at a desk results in better concentration and more effective learning; writing skills are also improved. A blackboard and accessories allows the teacher to present written and visual ideas to the students.

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Package per class: 

4050 textbooks - € 2.10 each = FUNDED


10 blackboards and accessories

225 desks and chairs


Total amount for this project: €14,190. This is €1491 per class