Africa has around 50 million farming families suffering from malnutrition. These small-scale farmers could be the solution to the world food problem. However, they have a very low production, no access to facilities and no future prospects. We want to change this.

Food security

   Change starts with food security. We train farmers in agriculture and management.                              On a  624 m2 food security for a family of six persons can be achieved.                     An average growth of one ton up to four tons per hectare.

Self sustaining

Taking care of your own. Your children going to school. Access to basic services. That’s what we aim for these families.

Train the trainer

Training many farmers requires many trainers. Trainers are trained in training centers. These training centers function as demonstration farms. The trainers in turn set up demonstration gardens in the villages and train farmers on their own land. 

All our training courses are based on the Bible.

    An average farming family consists of six people.
    The potential impact is 18,000 people with food security.

    a smart app

    We have developed an app to help trainers in educating farmers. In his app, a trainer keeps track of which farmers he trains and how they perform. This gives us a clear picture of the progress so we can coach where necessary. It provides useful information for teachers, foundations and sponsors. The app is built for Africa, so it continues to work when there is no internet. The app works on outdated phones.


    farmers trained

    people fed

    Sponsor a farmers family

    • Seeds & manure as micro credit
    • One week of intensive training
    • One season of coaching
    • Impact: food security for six people

    Sponsor a trainer

    • 2 weeks of intensive training
    • 5 years of coaching
    • Impact: 50 farmers trained annualy 

    Sponsor a teacher

    • 6 weeks of intensive training
    • Long lasting coaching
    • Impact: train 72 trainers annualy

    Choose an amount

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