Over 40 million African farmers are malnourished. These farmers have a low agro production per hectare, no access to services and no future perspective. It’s our challenge to take them out of material & spiritual poverty.

Introduction ‘Feed your Family’

We believe that a farmer already has the answer to the need. A farmer owns land and has hands to work with. What lacks is knowledge, skills and (financial) resources to use his property to feed his family. A plot of land of 850 square meter is sufficient to produce enough food for his family consisting of 6 people.

63 rows for the farmer
3 rows for the trainer
2 rows for a poor
2 rows for Tree of Life

Our approach

  • Training farmers the agriculture techniques introduced by Foundations For Farming
  • Training farmers on World view & Stewardship based on Biblical principles
  • Farmers becoming self-sufficient by applying “Feed your Family”
  • Supplying a free Android App that offers the study materials offline.


We aim to further develop the Tree of Life concept and to make it available to third parties. The local implementation could be carried out by (bible) schools, which can become the training centers. Trainers will be trained at these centers and send to local communities. Our focus is to train the teachers. One teacher could train more than 350 trainers annually. On their turn a trainer can train at least 50 farmers annually. The trainer will continue to coach these farmers to develop further. An average farmer family consists of six people. The diagram below shows the potential impact.

Potential impact in 12 years

When we train 190 teachers and each teacher trains yearly 350 trainers, there is a potential of 20,000 local trainers annually. In turn, millions of farmers will be trained annually.


The cycle of poverty that holds the African farmer trapped, is connected to the low yields he’s having from his land. By traditionally ploughing the land, furtile soil is washed away and little moisture is retained. With a costly investment in artificial fertilizers farmers try to undo these effects, resulting in debts and only short term results. Our training starts with a good stewardship of the soil. But not using the method of ploughing, but by using mulch (organic matter) one is building up a healthy soil.  In this way a good foundation is build for better yields. By using four management principles, developed by Foundations for Farming, a farmer can break the cycle of poverty himself.

On Time

The land should be prepared on time for sowing when the rains come. Good planning, thoughtfull preparations and working in time are needed, so the plants will benefit optimally of seasonal rains and sun.

At a High Standard

Working at a high standard is essential for succes. It is aimed at by applying the right plant and row distances, preparing planting holes and maintaining order and structure in the fields.

Without Wastage

Dealing carefully with the little available resources that a farmer posseses is fundamental for succes. There should be no wastage of time, soil, water, sunlinght, seeds, nutrients and energy.

With Joy

Working with joy gives great strength and energy.

These four principles are complemented with practical trainings: life-skills, marketing skills, stewardship concerning resources and finances.

Christian identity

We are a Christian initiative and above trainings are founded on Biblical principles. While teaching agricultural techniques the Gospel of Jesus Christ is explained. The trainings are based on a Christian view of stewardship concerning land, each other and the world.

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