School Equipment for Every Child in Malawi

A good school equipment for every child so that they can follow the education provided properly.

hildren in Malawi can attend primary school for free; seemingly an opportunity of a lifetime to learn skills that will prepare them to shape work and family; however, the quality of education and facilities is deplorable. For example, a diploma does not mean that children can read and write with comprehension.

The same applies to vocational training; many turn out to be incapable of doing what they have been trained to do in practice. Many children miss years of education because of poverty; they are needed at home to look after siblings or to help on the land. For example, children aged 18 have had an average of only 5.4 effective years of education. 

Well Equipped
Tree of Life wants to provide each child at Mitongwe Primary School with basic school necessities such as: a school bag, uniform, notebook, writing utensils and flip flops. Just imagine how happy they will be! Education is free, but parents must make a contribution in the form of the above items and textbooks but many families cannot afford this.

Students are officially not allowed to go to school without a uniform. At Mitongwe, they turn a blind eye to this as they know that otherwise, many children would be left out. 

Expected Benefits and Results
Wearing a proper school uniform and school bag gives children a sense of self-confidence. It is less obvious as to which children come from very poor families if every child wears a school uniform.

Furthermore, wearing flip flops to school prevents injuries and offers protection against the heat. Writing utensils make it easier for children to participate in the classroom context.

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Package Contents

Tailor-made school uniform


school bag

flip flops


writing materials