Energy-Efficient Cookers

Energy-efficient stoves are budget-friendly, better for health, safe to use and good for the climate.

In many African countries, most people still cook over an open fire which entails a number of drawbacks. Wood is needed, which is not always available. Often women collect the wood and spend hours gathering it from the roadside.

Burning wood at high heat releases vapors that can be harmful to one’s health, and children running around can get burnt from these fire. In short, cooking on an open fire is not ideal.

We as Tree of Life, like sustainable, environmentally-friendly solutions that are also good for the wallet. That is why we introduced the energy-efficient stoves’ project in Malawi.

How Does it Work?
An energy-efficient stove consists of a number of bricks that are cemented together. As a result, women can cook in a more economical and safe way because the fire is semi-enclosed which makes consumption much lower. Only a third of the original amount of wood is needed to achieve the same result. The double stove goes one step further: with two burners, cooking is quicker and more efficient.

Project in Practice
Football is the most popular sport in Malawi. The football league in the surrounding villages already has more than 700 participants. Each team receives education in agriculture and health in addition to training, so that they can also serve the community.

Team members don’t have to pay fees, but instead make energy-efficient stoves for three families in the village where they live! We train the football players how to make these stoves, why they are beneficial to one’s health and the forest. 

More than 700 players made around 2100 new stoves in just a few weeks; a huge impact for the heart and the environment!

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The Benefits at a Glance

safe to use with lesser burn risk


easy to build


66% less wood needed per cooking session


faster: cooking time is divided in half with the double burner

good for forest conservation