We invest in young people living in poverty by teaching them valuable skills

Youth unemployment on Curaçao is high: 70%. Few young people complete an education and due to a lack of perspective many of them end up in crime.



Only 55% graduate from secondary education. Higher educated young people leave the island.



Curaçao imports 97% of all fruit and vegetables. There are many opportunities for the local farmers!

Agricultural Training

The aim is to train as many as 50 young people in the principles of sustainable agriculture in 2022.

Perspective Through Training

Underprivileged young people come to the training center where they receive (agricultural) training, guidance from a mentor and work on building healthy relationships, where they can get to know God.

The training period (from one to three months) is an intermediate step for these young people on the way to independence. They learn skills that enable them to stand on their own two feet and move forward in life.

We also offer weekly or weekend training courses but there is currently no place to accommodate them which is why we are building a new guest house.



Statistics Curaçao

About 40% of young people grow up in a single-parent family


About 25% of young people only complete primary school


Many end up in crime because they lack education and due and perspective

Many young people lack skills, opportunities and/or the initiative to generate an income

To Work

Young people in Curaçao receive very little healthy education in their own home situations in their daily lives which is why it is important to temporarily remove them from their daily situation.

To this end, they set to work developing a residence to accommodate groups or individuals for a defined period. This allows the team to provide intensive training and equipment in a healthy and safe environment.


We are working towards welcoming new team members who will be equipped to become trainers. Every year we want to train at least 50 young people who can then set up, for example, a small business.


Lucas & Esther van Twillert have been working as missionaries in Curaçao since 2016. Lucas (youth worker and photographer) is a project coordinator and will motivate and activate the young people as a group worker. Esther (Social Pedagogical Caregiver) will mainly coach young people and trainers individually.

Lucas & Esther were broadcast with the Philippus foundation and work together with the Tree of Life foundation for their project work.

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